• Funds:
  • fps:
  • M
  • T
  • V
  • I
  • E
  • Space Infantry: 1
  • X|C|B Smart Missiles: 2
  • Shift Ammo: 64
  • Ctrl Bombs: 10

Game paused while in background Aww, you were just about to win! Work can wait. This battle needs to be won. Stop reading, and start playing! Hey, where'd you go!? ;) For a good time, click here. Aww, the fun part was just about to happen. What's going to happen next!? Click here to find out!

[ Game paused, tap or rotate to resume ]

Throw bombs on emerging enemies Click to change direction Super bunkers hold 5 men Tanks can kill men in some bunkers Your practice copters are tougher Enemy ground forces move towards your base Center the cursor to move slow Bars across the screen mean you are ready Anti-aircraft guns only fire at their enemies Capture the enemy end bunker for funds Waste enemy bombs by dodging under him Bullets are more effective on men and missiles Stop your copter to shoot down missiles Drop paratroopers just before doors The enemy watches your money The enemy is a thief Try hiding behind clouds Beware of lightning! Don’t burn the trees Keep firing to delay your next helicopter Balloons chase paranoids Bomb the enemy copter Destroy the enemy vans and tanks Destroy infantry with tanks Destroy tanks with your helicopter Destroy helicopters with missiles Attack guns from either side Stop missiles with paratroopers Bomb guns while flying by Never believe everything you read Drop paratroopers near guns Drop paratroopers over bunkers Use men & tanks to take bunkers Men can take out guns Fight over enemy troops Don’t tailgate the enemy Sometimes a strategic retreat is in order Guns & bombardiers watch your speed Dodge bombs left-to-right Dodge bullets up-and-down Don’t fly in straight lines Avoid floating elements Avoid enemy balloons Fly high for a superior combat position Outrun missiles by moving up and down Missiles turn slowly Beware of shrapnel Find places to hide from the enemy Hide behind paratroopers Hide behind balloons Run missiles into bunkers Hide in bunkers Hide in your base Lead missiles into barriers Lead neutral missiles into enemy targets Build more convoys to win Experiment with convoys Don’t fight over your troops with your copter Have backup convoys - Plan B, C, etc. Defend your convoys from enemy equipment Protect your van with ground & air support Use missile trucks to attack & delay the enemy Hold strategic positions on the field Paratroopers train to capture & destroy The enemy is to the right What is the most useful piece on the field? The enemy saves up for convoys, too Keep one helicopter in reserve One man can do the same work as many There are different types of guns Low fuel means low fuel Smoke is a dead giveaway Letting the enemy retreat is a strategy Avoid engaging the enemy Missiles are precious Combat and bombing go hand in hand If you can hit it, it’s not yours To win, a van must reach the enemy base Try adjusting the game speed Customize commands with ’Set Controls’ You can buy more helicopters with 20 funds Use the landing pad to refuel and rearm Enter the enemy territory for more funds Engineers rebuild guns The enemy doesn’t cheat Tank flamethrowers clean out bunkers Landing conserves fuel Vans carry radar jamming equipment Damaged guns shoot slowly Guns repair quickly Men repair helicopters & bunkers Tanks & guns repair themselves Men rebuild balloons Infantry carry grenades Flame burns both sides The enemy has equivalent equipment The copter can fly with precision The game can be suspended Helicopters are very expensive Clouds can be dangerous The enemy knows how to hide, too Beware the wily rubber chicken Tired of regular missiles? Try "c" instead of "x" Don’t eat yellow snow

Armor Alley Tutorial

Boot Camp: Training

  • Your mission, should you accept it …

    Your job is to build and escort convoys, ultimately getting a van () to the enemy base.

    First up, weapons: While flying, try firing guns (shift) and dropping bombs (CTRL).

    You can also click to change direction.

  • Repair + refuel your chopper

    Return to your base’s landing pad () to repair and reload.

    Several green lines and a sound will indicate completion.

  • Destroy an enemy Convoy

    You’ve got company! Look for grey blocks on the radar. Don’t let the enemy van reach your base!

    Bombs (CTRL) are effective on tanks; the machine gun (shift) is good for others.

    Enemy vans can completely jam your radar in the regular game.

  • Pick up some Infantry

    Return to your base. Order some infantry (push the i key) and land in front of them.

    Fill up on infantry. You can carry up to five at a time.

  • Claim an enemy Bunker

    Find the enemy bunker near your base. It shows as a grey block on the radar.

    When near the bunker, push space to drop an infantry unit.

    Enemy bunkers have a left-facing arrow, and will claim the first passing infantry.

  • Claim an enemy Super Bunker

    Super Bunkers can be unarmed (and unfriendly), or armed by up to 5 Infantry.

    Find one toward the middle of the battlefield (see radar.)

    To disarm the bunker, drop 3 Infantry from directly above using space.

    Super Bunkers will fire at all ground-level units except for tanks. Tanks can disarm Super Bunkers.

    When friendly, Super Bunkers can be a powerful defensive tool.

  • Build a Convoy

    Order a Missile launcher, Tank, and a Van using the underlined letters.

  • Destroy the enemy Helicopter

    The enemy helicopter is out to get you, but may be hiding.

    You may see a blinking, grey triangle on the radar. Find and take it out!

  • Defeat incoming Smart Missiles

    Missile Launcher vehicles self-destruct and fire when an enemy helicopter is in range.

    Enemy units are ahead. Avoid missiles until they run out of fuel, or attempt to shoot them down.

    Smart Missiles show up as fast-moving red dots on the radar, so keep an eye out!

  • Rebuild a Turret

    Engineers are capable of claiming enemy turrets, and rebuilding and repairing friendly ones.

    There is a dead turret near your base.

    Order some Engineers, and watch them repair the turret if you like.

  • Destroy an enemy Turret

    Enemy turrets target helicopters, and can fire quickly.
    They are vulnerable to Infantry, Tanks and Smart Missiles (X).

    Find and destroy one near the middle of the battlefield.
    If you run out of ammo, return to your base to reload.

  • Earn 50 Funds

    Funds are earned at a regular interval. Fortune favours those who fly further into enemy territory.

    For a challenge, get infantry into the enemy’s end bunker to steal some of their funds!

  • Mission accomplished.

    You have completed bootcamp training.

    You can keep playing, or exit the tutorial and play the full game.

    Be warned, the full thing won’t be this easy!

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Vans 0 0
Engineers 0 0
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